A discerning name among best metal Purlins suppliers

With Cold Formed Steel used as the basic material of construction – as Hot Rolled Steel (ISMC Sections) is a thing of the past – and considering the higher strength to weight ratio of CRF Sections, Kartikeya’s Purlins have gained wider acceptability in a myriad of construction activities.

It includes construction of steel buildings, industrial warehouse, a PEB, or even a complex Turbo Generator building in a power plant. What’s more, Cold Formed Purlins are well accepted by architects, structural consultants all over India and rest of the world.


Thoughtfulness is knowing what material is best for your customer’s building requirements. With this principle in consideration, Kartikeya Industries Pvt. Limited, a trustworthy name among best metal Purlins suppliers, has laid emphasis on manufacturing quality Z and C Purlins.


Trust Kartikeya for a wide variety of sections

Now that you know about it, trust Kartikeya for a wide variety of sections such as Z-Purlins, C-Channels, Lip Channels, Multi-Beams, Angles and many more profiles that are available in a range of 1.2 mm to 6 mm. For your custom needs, Sections can be supplied in various grades of steel to meet your exact requirements.

Manufactured from quality raw materials with HR and Galvanized Steel as most commonly used material, Kartikeya, a reputed name in metal Purlins suppliers in Hyderabad, allows room for flexible design options.