Among the reliable railway equipment manufacturers in India

Kartikeya Industries Pvt. Limited, an ace among railway equipment manufacturers in India, offers specialised solutions that are specifically crafted to meet the growing needs of railways. From manufacturing parts of railway coaches to developing unique components, Kartikeya is a trustworthy entity among railway equipment suppliers and a dependable partner for its customers’ continued growth and success.

Unmatched quality from best among railway equipment suppliers

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The railway solutions, including various cold roll formed profiles used in rail coaches, are delivered under the watchful eyes of Kartikeya’s visionary leadership team. Their decades of expertise in engineering provide the reassurance of unmatched quality you can trust. Under their guidance, the efficient core team members are able to provide productivity at full speed.

Thus Kartikeya Industries Pvt. Limited, a reliable entity among railway parts manufacturers, can cost-effectively produce the following products for coaches: